Great art comes from great passion. Having a deep desire to explore and understand what you are painting or drawing to its fullest, is having great passion for your subject.

One of my earlier drawings (1989, pencil)

Most of my work focuses on vulvas. I am intrigued by the beauty of their various shapes and sizes. Their forms are complex, engaging and powerful.

To the right is one of my earlier drawings (1989, pencil).

Earlier in my career I would occasionally do a drawing or study of a vulva. I kept coming back to these images with a greater desire and inspiration. They have become my passion and reason for painting and drawing.

I work in the style of Classical Realism. Maintaining the visual integrity of the subject has always been crucial to my work. Drawing or painting in this manner, gives way to a deeper visual understanding. Depending on the length of execution for each piece, there is a level of visual discovery which to me is what art making is all about.

The production of my art is done from both live models and photographs. As an artist I feel greatly privileged when I have the opportunity to work with a model directly. The true depth of form can often be difficult to realize from photographs.


1969 Born in Pontiac, Michigan

1992 BFA, College for Creative Studies

1995 MFA, New York Academy of Art